Advertise on the Flute Portal

The Flute Portal offers an opportunity for craftspeople, musicians and others with applicable professions to reach an audience of flute and music enthusiasts.  The Flute Portal has several thousand registered members, and the discussion forums have more than a thousand user profiles.  The site is growing as we add new features, and while it is still a niche site that is modestly populated, it is a great place for members of the flute community to promote their work.

There are several ways that a crafts person or merchant can promote themselves:

- Banner ads:  The Flute Portal gets nearly 300,000 individual page hits per month, so a banner ad will receive good exposure within the course of a month or two.

- Donations: Every month, there is a prize drawing that is held for members who support the site via voluntary subscriptions.  Merchants who donate to the drawing will receive free advertising in the blogs and on the forums, including linkage to their websites.  This is a great way to generate excitement and interest in your craft!  It is also a valuable way of supporting the Flute Portal itself.

If you are a merchant who would like to participate in any of these programs, you can contact Geoffrey Ellis (site administrator) for an information e-mail “packet” that will provide further details.   Contact address is