The 2010 “Peoples Choice” songwriting/performing competition!

2010 August 6

We are pleased to announce the launching of the 2010 Flute Portal “Peoples Choice” Songwriting/Performing Competition!

I will explain what “Peoples Choice” means at the end of the guidelines below.


-You must be a registered member of the Flute Portal forums in order to participate in this contest.

-There will be two categories: Solo flute and Multi-track.

-All entries must be original compositions and must be performed by the entrant.

-Solo flute: Any type of flute, any tuning, reverb and delay permitted, 5 minute time limit. No other background sounds of any kind.

-Multi-instrumental: Any type of flute as the primary melodic instrument. No limit on track count, effects or background instrumentation (including vocalizations, percussion, pads, nature sounds, etc.) Basically the only limit is your creativity–5 minute time limit. The only rule is that the flute must remain the primary melodic instrument throughout the piece.

This year we have much larger time limits because there will be no judges listening to them and we will be able to host them in the Flute Portals new music section for easy listening.

-All submissions must be in MP3 format, preferably with a bit rate of no more than 128KB. This will allow plenty of fidelity and will keep the files from being too huge.

-All submissions may be e-mailed to

No submissions or samples of submissions are to be posted anywhere on the internet. They should not be on your MySpace or Facebook page or anywhere on the forums. They cannot be on a CD that you have previously released. They can be songs that you have written in the past, so long as they are not publicly displayed anywhere. Pieces that appeared in last years contest may not be resubmitted.

Each site member is allowed one submission per category (solo and ensemble).

-The deadline for submissions is Nov. 30th, 2010.  UPDATE: NEW DEADLINE IS DECEMBER 7TH, 2010.

-The prize package will be announced before the end of November.


This year, we will be having an “open vote” on the forums themselves. All of the entries will be posted anonymously in a special category of the Music section (I will create a special category called “The Peoples Choice Contest” where members can use the flash media player to listen to the numbered entries). Members will cast their “vote” in the forums themselves. There will be a thread started where each member can make a post naming their choice for both the solo and multi-track category.

There will be rules and guidelines for the voting process and any discussion of the pieces is suspended until the voting process is complete.

Members can judge by whatever criteria they choose. Basically, pick your favorite songs.

If any one has any questions or needs clarification, discussion of the contest can be found HERE.

UPDATE:  Here are some pics of the prizes.  Two Black Limba low C NAFs with Black Walnut Bear Claws.

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2010 August 9

great idea geoffrey…i look forward to hearing everyone’s music!

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