Osiyo (hi) from Ron Warren

2009 October 29


I am happy to be along for the ride here.  Many thanks to Geoffrey for getting things set up and ready to run.

I am Echota Cherokee and currently live in Silver Spring, MD, right between Washington, D.C. and Baltimore.  I’ve been a full time musician for more than twenty-five years now, doing just about everything from arranging theater music to composing and performing avant-garde music to playing in assorted rock bands to teaching, mostly at the college level.

I simply love playing Native American flute and Anasazi flute.  I love our wonderful traditional musics, contemporary Native musicians, artists and writers and am committed to the recognition and celebration of all Indigenous Peoples.

Those of you who have read my bio probably noticed the “degrees”.  I usually don’t advertise them.  Wouldn’t have here, but Geoffrey requested it.  While I have great respect for all my mentors and colleagues from those days, I often tell people it took me several years to recover from the damage done to me in grad school.  I usually say it half jokingly and most often mean it half jokingly, but not more than half.  What damage, you ask?  Especially at the doctoral level (called the “terminal” degree for a reason, I think), I felt a lot of pressure to rationalize every musical decision I made, rather than think and feel deeply and then trust my instincts.  Traditional and roots music provided the path back to healthy, intuitive music making.

But enough of that.  I plan simply to share my experiences here, whether we are out gigging or in the studio making new tracks, or whatever.  Right now, we are working on songs for a new project with the band.  We hope to be in the studio in January, so you can follow the process beginning to end if you want.  My iPod playlist today included some 49’s by Northern Cree Singers (a great drum) and some tracks by John Rainer, Jr and Joseph Fire Crow.  I must confess that I don’t listen to flute tracks every day or even every week, but I have to get my fix of these two guys from time to time…

good journeys


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2009 October 29


2009 October 30
Rick McDaniel / Lewisville, TX permalink

Welcome Ron. I have a first CD from you, on the way, at the moment. Not sure what style that will be, but I will explore it soon.

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