Flute Portal makeover in 2009

2009 May 11

Well, we’re changing the name and we’ve rearranged the Discussion Forums, so you may be asking, “What’s next?”

The next phase of the Flute Portals “upgrade” will focus on the main site.  The front page mirrors our blog site, of course.  Some of you may never have actually clicked the Blog link in the navigation bar at the top of the page, because each new blog appears automatically on the front page of the Flute Portal.   Now the other sections of the site are due for some renovation to increase ease of use and navigation.   The original Flute Portal site was a “shell” of sorts and all of the features were more or less a “beta” version of what we ultimately wanted to have available.  We have slowly been tweaking these features into place, making them what they were originally intended to be.  We added the discussion forum and then the blogs, and we’ve removed some of the features that were the forerunners of these (the Articles section, for one).

On the top of the list of renovations  is the Music Downloads section.  This is a pet project of mine, and while the current feature is a good concept it is not as accessible or easy to use as it should ultimately be.  I’ve got big plans for this section that are going to make it way more interesting and accessible, as well as making it more of a magnet for flute enthusiasts from many different backgrounds.   However, until a “feasibility study” is done (i.e. I talk to the webmaster about what is involved) I can only throw out a vague teaser without any concrete facts…at least not yet :-)

The upshot of this feature upgrade is that it will allow the Flute Portal to draw on a greater user-base of World Flute music enthusiasts, which in turn will expand the site content, thereby making it a more interesting place to visit.

There is definitely a Big Picture behind all of these developments, but I don’t want to lay all the cards on the table at once because I’m not sure whether this grand vision will manifest on my ideal timeline.   But I’ll keep everyone posted as we bring it along.

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2009 May 17
Jan permalink

Thanks for all your hard work, Geoffrey!!

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