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2009 May 5

For those members who frequent the discussion forums on this site, you will probably notice a bit of rearranging going on.  In my last blog I spoke about how the site is changing its name from The Native American Flute Portal back to its orignal moniker  The Flute Portal.   The reason for the change was explained at that time, but the tweaking of the site that I spoke of  is just beginning.

In order to accomodate  more diverse content, with an equal emphasis being placed upon World Flutes, I’ve begun recategorizing some of the sections of the forum.  Don’t panic! Nothing essential will be altered–all of the original discussion threads will still be intact.  It might look a bit different at first glance, but if you take a minute to scroll through the list of forums you will find all of the familar landmarks, plus a few new ones!  It may just be a bit odd at times for the next few days.  Already some of you may have noticed certain sections have disappeared, only to reappear within the hour in a different place.  Just trying to keep you all on your toes :-)

It is my belief (as I remarked in the previous blog) that this expansion will ultimately bring a sort of “hybrid vigor” to the site, enlivening it with lots of interesting cross-over content.    There are some cool new features in the works for the coming year, and we are seeking out some special folks to join the roster of our blog authors, so stay tuned!

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