Sacred Songs – Afro Cuban Flute Music – Gary Stroutsos- Danilo Lozano

2009 May 3

Greetings! I wanted everyone to learn more about my dear friend and mentor Danilo Lozano one of the finest Cuban flute players and producers of Cuban musicians in the world.

Professor Lozano teaches at Whittier College in LA and produced CUBA LA for Narada Records, and he is the music director of the Latin Jazz All stars based in LA.   Danilo has been a dear friend and has taught me so much about Cuban flute music.  His father Rolando Lozano (my favorite flute player in the world) is one of the most famous flute players ever from Cuba on the five key wooden flute.   He was in the famous  Orquesta Aragon (check You Tube).  They are swinging,  and he played with Mongo Santamaria and Cal Tjader, famous Latin Jazz artists from the 60’s.

Danilo and I are going to be recording sacred Afro Cuban Yoruba music with afro cuban percussion and vocals by Cuban culture bearer, volcalist Lazaro Galarragua.   We will be using various woodwinds for this project.   As the world of flute music continues to grow into new and exciting paths, please remember that flute music from Cuba is all about the drum and the haunting, chant-like qualities that one can produce from the vocal aspects of their music.   It is an honor for me to be in the presence of these great Cuban artists and to play my flute sound.

One of my greatest challenges playing woodwinds with afro Cuban musicians, for their sense of timing is very advanced and has such a spiritual quality to it.  I hear very little flute music other than that of  the Latin artists, and am very excited to bring more awareness of this music to all of you in the future!

Remember “put your own fingerprints on your music and long tones lead to a song”…

Into The Winds…

Gary Stroutsos

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