The 2009 Flute Portal Songwriting/Performance Competition

2009 April 25

We would like to announce the launching of the 2009 Flute Portal Songwriting/Performing Competition!


-You must be a registered member of the Flute Portal in order to participate in this contest.

-There will be two categories: Solo flute and Ensemble.

-All entries must be original compositions and must be performed by the entrant.

-Solo flute: Any type of NAF, any tuning, reverb and delay permitted, 2 minute time limit. No dry tracks required, though you may submit them dry if you like. No other background sounds of any kind.

-Multi-instrumental: Any type of NAF as primary melodic instrument.   No limit on track count, effects or background instrumentation. Ensembles welcome, as well as individuals who are multi-tracking. 2 1/2 minute time limit.

The time limits are needed because we are likely to get a lot of submissions, and the judges might end up listening to 20 or 30 different songs. We want them to be sane at the end of it!

-All submissions must be in MP3 format, preferably with a bit rate of no more than 128KB.   This will allow plenty of fidelity and will keep the files from being too huge.

-All submissions may be e-mailed to

No submissions or samples of submissions are to be posted anywhere on the internet.  They should not be on your MySpace page or anywhere on the forums.  They cannot be on a CD that you have previously released.    They can be songs that you have written in the past, so long as they are not publicly displayed anywhere.  Pieces that appeared in last years contest may not be resubmitted.

The songs will be evaluated by a panel of judges (to be announced) made up of professional musicians and performers.  The judges will be evaluating the songs by the following criteria:

-Composition (melodic and rhythmic structure)

The Ensemble pieces will also be judged on the arrangement of the piece and, to a lesser degree, the mixing of the piece (levels, effects and how the piece is blended as a whole).

Each site member is allowed one submission per category (solo and ensemble).  A member may not appear in more than one ensemble piece (as a member of different groups).

-The deadline for submissions is July 31st, 2009.

-The prize package will be announced before the end of May.

Feel free to contact me if you have questions or comments!

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2009 April 25
Jeff G permalink

Just wanted to say—thanks for doing this again..

Listening and judging all the entrants… better you than me!!!

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