Lesson 3 – Help jumpstarting your music career

2009 April 17
The Native American Flute Portal - Flute School Blog

The Native American Flute Portal - Flute School Blog

This week, I thought that I would share a couple links and encourage Gary and Scott to share their thoughts in subsequent posts regarding tips for jumpstarting your music career.

I recently discovered the CDBaby DIY Musician Podcast. This is a great resource if you want to learn more about how to build your career as an artist. This market is so small that most of the recording artists that we know about have all had to make it where they are through their own sweat and tears. Scott August and Mark Holland can certainly assest to that. Even well known artists like Mary Youngblood, still have to do the majority of marketing themselves.

So if you are thinking about recording that first album, or even if you’re already well down the path of your recording career, here are some resources to help you with new ideas in the world of Do It Yourself (DIY) music marketing.

CDBaby Music Discovery Podcast: http://cdbabypodcast.com/

RSS Feed: http://feeds2.feedburner.com/cdbabydiymusicpodcast

Another great resource is Bob Baker’s Indie Music Promotion Blog

Bob Baker is one of the most popular online marketing guru’s around today. He tirelessly promotes himself and his music through a variety of avenues. If you want to get serious about building an audience and them continuing to hold on to them, you can learn a lot from Bob. A “must read” for all DIY musicians is Bob’s book:  Guerrilla Music Marketing Handbook, the classic guide to indie music promotion.

Another online resource is a site called New Music Strategies: http://newmusicstrategies.com/

Andrew Drubber has written a free ebook on new music strategies, it outlines some of the newest thoughts on ways to reach and connect with your audience. You can download it here: http://newmusicstrategies.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/06/nms.pdf

Also worth a read is the New Music Manifesto, which breaks down some of the barriers which exist in the current music market (e.g. the big publishers…). You can read that online here: http://newmusicstrategies.com/manifesto/

RSS Feed: http://feeds2.feedburner.com/newmusicstrategies

One last link that I’ll mention is: Music Marketing [dot] com

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2009 April 18


Great blog topic! I’ve done a bit of research myself on the evolving nature of the music business and how digital music and the internet has changed it all so quickly.
These days, an independent musician has the ability to get their music heard like never before, but learning how to use the tools that will make that happen isn’t always obvious or straightforward. Great list of resources!

2009 April 18

Thanks for all he links!!! Great stuff!!!

2009 April 21

OMG… so much to read and listen to… wow!!! I’m going to burn the podcasts to CD so I can listen to them driving up to Echoes… thanks!!

2010 February 25

I had to stop and share this with friends… kinda like what you are doing. Contagiously great.

2012 July 8

Just keep up the good work. Googles panda changes or other changes will not affect you if you keep good content on the site.

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