Lesson 2 – Figuring out your favorite song

2009 April 3
The Native American Flute Portal - Flute School Blog

The Native American Flute Portal - Flute School Blog

This weeks lesson is about discovering a great tool that you can use to help figure out the notes in that favorite flute song, or even determine what key flute was used to play the recording. (Maybe you can even use it to discover the “Forbidden Note” from Cliff’s post)

I discovered a cool software tool called: “Transcribe!” that will slow down (or speed up) an MP3 or WAV file by 15% to 150% while still keeping the correct pitch in the playback. This is an awesome way to help train your ear for finding the right note.

Here’s a screenshot of the software:

Transcribe User Interface

Notice that you have some real simple choices to slow down the playback. Note also that when you select a region of the song/phrase, it shows what pitch the note is, on the virtual keyboard below. In the example above the highlighted note is an F above middle C. You can also use Transcribe! as a simple recording interface and then play back your piece while you relearn what you just played (or notate it…).

Transcribe! is not free, but you can download and try it for 30 days. Cost is $50, for MAC, PC and Linux.

Link: http://www.seventhstring.com/xscribe/download.html

They also have a free, online metronome: http://www.seventhstring.com/metronome/metronome.html

And an online digital tuner: http://www.seventhstring.com/tuner/tuner.html

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2009 April 3
Ellex permalink

Awesome. I’ve been looking for something like this.

2009 April 3
Penni permalink

Another cool toy/tool to play with. Thanks!!

2010 February 25

I think empowering others is great. Thank you!

2012 May 14
muscelt permalink


iam a future flutiste and i am a fun of celt music

iam a fun of all type of flute ,please if you can help me ,i love very match the artist carlos nunez and i hope
getting from some one of all members of this forum the partitions of both single “bretona” and “moura”
because as i have just begun in flute courses,so i can not guess the notes of nunez’s partition

thank you very mutch for helpping me


2012 May 14
muscelt permalink

and please help me in how using this site to deducate the composition of any single

thank you

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2015 July 7

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2015 July 7

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2015 July 26

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2015 July 29

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2015 August 13

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2015 September 3

If your articles are always this helpful, “I’ll be back.”

2015 November 7

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2015 November 23

Well done to think of something like that

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