Opening your mind to the Possibilities

2009 March 20

Welcome everyone, I am very excited to be starting down this path with you as we learn and grow together. My intentions in communicating to you with the flute portal blog and specifically the “Flute School” is to inspire you to try new things. I have no expectations other than that you all will be open to trying the exercises and seeing where it takes you.
With that in mind, I wanted to start this first article by passing along an inspirational link on what it means to open your mind to the possibilities. This link is a short Pop!Cast presentation by Benjamin Zander, who by the way, is the only conductor ever to lead the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra. In this presentation, he talks about what it means to get over your fear and competition in playing and play for yourself and the greater good.
Total runtime is about 30 minutes.

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2009 March 20
Dennis L permalink

Thanks for turning me on to that. I’d probably not found it on my own.

You get an A.


2009 March 20

Fantastic video… thanks. There is some excellent info in there.

2009 March 21

That was GREAT, I am so glad I watch it. It does make you think. EXCELLENT

2009 March 23
Penni H permalink

INSPIRING! Great reminder on how to view our music and our lives.

2009 March 28
Tom M permalink

Brilliant!!! For today…I will live in potential, and relish the opportunity to say “How Fascinating!”

2009 April 1

Outstanding! I’m going to go watch it again!!!
And I think seriously I’ll watch it from now on right before I get ready to hit the record button!

What a great inspiration!!!

2010 February 25

OKAY, I got lost on that site and just found my way back… it’s a journey worth taking.

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