The NAFP Blogs are here!

2009 March 18

Finally! After much fanfare (and a few ups and downs) we have arrived. The NAFP Blogs are online and will soon be bringing you a stream of useful and interesting “flute stuff”!

There may still be the odd hiccup as we get these running smoothly, but hopefully they will be adding another dynamic dimension to the NAFP site.

So please dig in! Those of you who have an RSS newsreader, feel free to hook up so that you’ll hear about blog updates as they occur.

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2009 March 19
Mark permalink

blogs……….great, but why did you have to change the order of the links at the top of the page?

can you please put them back the way they were?

2009 April 2
Patrick McCrow permalink

Just a note – I haven’t slept since speaking to you about ordering a Scott August series flute

2009 May 20
Patrick McCrow permalink

The 2009 SCOTT AUGUST Series Anasazi Flute is amazing! You are truly a wonderful person, business man, and spirit. I’m a fan. After receiving the flute, I have been playing her over and over in my head, at work, then when I get home I cradle her like a baby and try not to drive my wife crazy. She has such a wonderful soothing voice. God I LOVE LIFE so much more now that I’ve been introduced to the wonderful world of Flutes. Thank-you so much for your contribution Geoffrey. I’ve placed a video on YOUTUBE (vtxrider3) titled “Good Night” which I’ve received some comment on; I hope you’ll stop by and view the short video giving me your thoughts or criticism. It would mean alot, but I truly understand if you do not. Peace and blessings to you Geoffrey, I hope you are well. Sincerly, Just Pat (

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